Whilst we are setting up our company, having a central point where people can find our details is very important. For this reason we now have this terribly boring, but nevertheless useful, template-website which only serves that purpose.

In the future you will be able to see a showcase of the content and projects made possible with the immersive sound of Supernova Audio, and read about the way certain projects came to be and what bridges we had to cross to make them possible. 


Supernova Audio provides end-to-end service in immersive 360º audio for VR headsets and full dome video playback. We like to be involved from the very start of a project up to the moment of delivery of the finished product. We take care of the production sound recording on location, the sound design during post production and the implementation of our work into your product. 

Sound Recording

Recording sound for (live action) VR, brings along a lot of opportunities, but also numerous practical problems. A lot of the choices concerning sound design have a lot of influence on the way we have to approach the sound recording during shooting. The fact that we want to deliver a full package of services makes room for these choices and maximizes the potential of the product.

Sound Design

How much we love this new industry with all her strange problems and boundaries, we are educated Sound Designers who love telling and empowering stories through sound.  We will use the boundaries in our advantage and search for the perfect balance between reality and imagination.


Delivering a clean 5.1 mix as we normally would for cinema just won't do the trick in VR. You want full immersive audio, that exceeds the amount of channels possible in film. We use various combinations of software used in cinema sound design, and the game-design industry to build a bridge between our sound design and your VR-experience.

Sound design plays a big role in VR. The way sound design finds it's place in the highly technical environment in which VR lives, can't be compared to any other branch of film or storytelling through video. It is very complex and poses a lot of technical difficulties. We love these difficulties and always will find a good working solution providing the content with the highest quality of audio possible.