Who we are

The two-man-team consists of Brandon Grötzinger and Matthijs Klijn, who both graduated this year from the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam, in the direction of Sound Design. During the four years at the Film Academy they have worked together on a wide variety of projects, from films for television to theatre-productions. Both of them have ran intensive traineeships in the filmindustry, working on Dutch theatre features. They have always shared the same vision, they want to achieve the highest level of quality possible in everything they undertake.

VR is a new medium, and along with it comes a new language. This language has to be discovered by trail and error, and this is exactly what they are in to. 

Brandon Grötzinger

After working on numerous projects with Matthijs at the Netherlands Film Academy as a sound designer, Brandon applies his experience from working on film to VR, seeking for the best way to tell a story. He is always on the lookout to see if there are new ways to make content more convincing. Brandon started freelancing in the Dutch filmindustry right after graduation and has done some pretty solid projects thus far. Brandon has a wide skillset and does Sound Design jobs as well as Production Sound.


 +31 6 20033409


Matthijs Klijn

Matthijs is always exploring new paths towards his goals, not one project can be done the same way. There is always room for improvement. He has a high proficiency for everything that has something to do with audio and sound design, not afraid of some dirty computerwork. Next to working for Supernova, Matthijs is an active freelancer in the Dutch filmindustry focussing mainly on Documentary and Short Fiction films, doing Sound Design as well as Production Sound Recording on set.


 +31 6 21854271